RT17INT Integral Level Switch For Non-conductive Solids

RT17INT level switch made in Israel works with RF method This level switch is suitable for non-conductive materials and especially for solids, granules, powders, flour, cement and more.

There is a built-in potentiometer that allows you to change the sensitivity according to the type of material without the need for a unit replacement

LED light indicator of having / no substance.

This level switch is built without any moving parts so no maintenance is required, also able to function in a tough work environment for many years!

This level switch replaces all the other vibrating level switches (vibrators) or any kind of  rotor switches.

The RT17 is fully molded from epoxy therefor it is  waterproof and vibration resistant

The RT17 comes with a 1.5 BSP screw and is designed for side installation Input: 230vAC or 24V AC DC Output: Touch relay switch Water proof