RT17H Level Switch for Non-conductive Materials

The RT17H model level switch made in Israel works with RF method

This level switch is suitable for non-conductive materials, especially for solids, granules, powders, flour, cement and more.

There is a built-in potentiometer (option – a potentiometer in the controller so the direction is done through the controller rather than through the sensor) which allows to change the sensitivity, depending on the type of material without need for a unit replacement.

Depending on the type of material without the need for a unit replacement.

This level switch is built without moving parts so no maintenance is required. also able to function in a tough work environment for many years!

This level switch replaces the vibrating level switches (vibrators) and the rotor level switches. The RT17H is fully molded from epoxy so it is waterproof and vibration resistant

This level switch has a unique cone shaped structure that allows the material falling from the top to slide sideways and does not interfere To the electrode that feels the material. This allows any level switch to be inside the material (cement, sand, gravel and more) and not get damaged.

The top of this level switch is a 1 “female thread that allows connecting a tube to the level switch And so, able to lower the level switch to the desired point.

There is a need connecting it to a MC / MMC controller.