TAG Level Switch Applications

The TAG level switch is designed to detect the presence of material in containers, silos, water and sewage reservoirs, machine oil leaks and more

General Purposes

  • Indicates material presence in a defined location.
  • Allows the material (solid or liquid) to reach a desirable level

  • Prevent spillage of material from container when filling

  • Prevention of emptying the container below a certain level

  • Keeping the amount of material in the container between two fixed points

  • Prevent pumps activation without material (pump maintenance)
  • Prevent overflowing in pools and fluid tanks (such as beer and more)

Common Uses

  • Concrete and cement industry

  • Food industry

  •  Animal feed industry
  •  recycling industry
  • Water and sewage industry

  • Paint and cleaning industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Colors in containers and industrial processes

  • Suitable for various types of adhesives, water based and non water based as well as for the paper industry
  • Suitable for a variety of chemicals in storage tanks and processes
  • Suitable for powders like cement, flour and more
  • Suitable for a level of aggregates such as sand, sesame seeds (small stones), stones and more
  • Suitable for the plastics industry.

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