M47-IS Water Level Switch

M47IS Level switch is a water level switch designed for RF technology without moving parts

This level switch has a transistor output (2 wires) that allows direct connection to a 24v dc relay or programmed controller thus saving the need for a dedicated controller The M47IS is designed for side or top installation.

The M47IS model is unscrewable in any way and is designed for installation in flat, straight places.

Works as FAIL SAFE – The level switch constantly transmits voltage and when it detects contact with the water it does not transmit command voltage – this means That even when there is a cable disconnected to the sentiment, it will look as if water has reached it.

The whole unit is epoxy molded and therefore water and vibrate resistant.

This level switch is designed to detect water / liquids with close properties to water, therefor there is no need for sensitivity